Brand New Maxi Skirts For Sale - P900

If you've been following my blog ( for quite some time, you'll notice that maxi skirts have become sort of a daily uniform for me. They are so comfy and versatile that they can take you from day to night in a jiffy with just the right accessories. Now you can order one too at a very reasonable price. Only P900 or $20 each.

Some examples of how I wear them:

Errands style ( worn with fit flops)
How To Order:

Choose your flavor from a wide variety of colors and prints below...

Standard measurements for my maxi's are:
garterized waist - 22" will stretched up to 34" comfortably
length - 38"

If you want your own measurements followed, just email those, along with your color choices and shipping address to or text 0922-894 2699 and I will get back to you shortly.

Pick up point is along Annapolis St. in Greenhills or you may deposit your payment to any BDO or BPI branch. Gcash is also accepted and I will ship your orders via Air21.


  1. ican never pull off maxi skirts :/ ... awesome skirts you have there!! you sew that? :))

    anyway.. thanks for the comment on my photo :/ i replied back. haha and edited my photos. you gave me an idea for it

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  3. Hi!

    Your maxi skirts are gorgeous! and I want your leopard print maxi skirt. :))

    We don't have a tape measure here at home and I can't send my measurements, I'm only 5'2 short :)) and I'm wondering if your standard length or standard measurements will fit me just fine? Like if the 38 inches length will not be too long for my height, because I only wear flat shoes and I don't want the skirt to be all over the floor when I wear it.. Thank you :))

    And what accnt will I be depositing my payment?

    Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you.

  4. love the maxi skirts for girlS!!!

  5. love your last picture... thanks 4 comments on my blog ......

  6. You look great in a maxi skirt. I don't think I've ever worn one. I'm afraid it's going to make me look shorter lol. But I love, love your orange maxi! It's such a fun color.

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  9. Ooh beautiful! I love the maxis! They are stylish and sleek without looking overdone. Bravo!

  10. Great skirts! I'm really fond of those maxi's as well :)

  11. Great post!<3